AcadaFund is the First School-Only CrowdFunding Platform. We support awesome development project for schools by coordinating both online and offline efforts, events and activities in order to achieve schools targets

CrowdFunding Categories

Classroom & Buildings
Classroom & Buildings
Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy
Computer Labs
Computer Labs
Sports & Games
Sports & Games

AcadaFund founders were inspired to create the platform on their own experiences and understanding of the challenge faced by schools in acquiring required infrastrucutre. AcadaFund is brought to you by Autotest Team Ltd & Checks Accord Ltd.

Why Choose Us?

Empathay Map

What does the audience think or feel?
What does the audience say & do?
What does the audience hear?
What does the audience see?

Stakeholder Mapping

3Cs: Connection, capability & concern,
Community supporters |Local organisations |Commercial Enterprise | Individual Supporters | International | Governments

Communication Plan

Web Analytics Framework Plan
Setting Performancce indicators | Communcation activiites | Planning | Evaluating success

Flexible Pricing System

We provide a transparent pricing and reporitng system for the campaign creators and team members

We remain optimistic about the future

Nigeria | Education | Technology
  • Nigerians and International leaders understand the importance of Education and Technology in shaping the Continent's future.
  • Education is the key to Nigeria's future and technology has to be at the heart of it. With a growing population and a higher percentage of young people than anywhere else on the planet.
  • Technology is driving change in Nigeria and fuelling the economic growth of African economies. There is now an urgent need for radical change. Nigeria is at a tipping point.
Everyone is Concerned
Businesses Backs Education

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