Everything on AcadaFund.com must be a development project for a school

A project is something with a clear end, like building a New School Multi-Complex hall or Library, Football Field Renovation, Purchase of computer, installation of solar power etc. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced as a result. Every project on AcadaFund.com must fit into one of our categories, which are broadly Computer, Building, Power, Entertainment, Community Events and Sports.

Are those the only guidelines?
Those are the main two, but read on for specific uses of AcadaFund.com that are not allowed, and note that we reserve the right to request for me information to some specific projects involving technology and hardware. We don't curate projects based on taste. Instead, we do a quick check to make sure they meet these guidelines.

Who can create a project on AcadaFund.com?

Creating projects is open to all students and schools only. Anyone else can create a project a long a student and school are involved.

What is not allowed?
About these guidelines